Maïmouna Younglai-Case.



You can follow her on Twitter @MYounglaiCase, look for news on her Facebook Page or contact her at [] for anything related to the services and products provided.

While she knows that she should create an actual blog, she likes to use Twitter as a more convenient and in-the-moment blog.

Fierce, sassy, feisty, passionate and wildly independent; Maïmouna Younglai-Case is a Canadian Chinese-Black Queer Femme who unabashedly spins out the tales of her meaning.

During the span of 2010-2012, multiple art pieces were featured at various locations. She was the recipient of "Best in Show" at It Figures, Hot Shot Gallery circa 2010. She's started performing spoken word as well as in film shorts. Currently, she's trying not to be buried under a pile of C# and other various programming languages as she works on multiple cross-disciplinary artist+/activist projects. She's kind of a professional jack-of-all trades.

As of 2013, Maïmouna has developed a particular fondness for exploring biology, psychology as well as various forms of activism using spoken word, the visual arts and dance. Currently, she concentrates on the themes of strength and fragility, and of survival — and believes in trying to show this in the multiple defined layers of transparent watercolour, exposed lines of pen, as well as other mediums that may strike her fancy.
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