You can hire me for comics, tattoos, colouring, illustration, storyboarding, character design, and all-purpose-arting.

Please email me at myounglai-case(at)hotmail(dot)ca for any and all inquiries related to commissions, using my work or etc. Please direct anything unrelated to my twitter @MYounglaiCase

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Who do you usually freelance for/with? What do you usually create?

The people who usually work with me are those who want to transform a painful experience, want to create alternate universes and/or want to leave and make a story of (their) relevance and resilience.

I also like to explore biology and psychology, and create adorable (and funny!) yet thoughtful pieces.

Would we be a good fit?

I highly value communication and transparency, am extremely amicable and am quite charismatic (if I do say so myself).

I enjoy working with all groups of people! (Seriously.)

I do, however, greatly enjoy and absolutely adore working with/for fellow visionaries and trail-blazers.

 I would love, love, looooooove to work with/for you. (Really. Please message me.)

How does this work?

You have main two options at the moment.

We can work together in creating something unique just for/to you. You would have unlimited email/text access to me. You would get fast responses, frequent updates and input, and plenty of opportunity to make as many revisions as you want.

The other main option is that you hire me. Fill out the questionnaire you receive when you email me at myounglai-case(at)hotmail(dot)ca, and I'll deliver after confirming with you! You get fast responses and frequent updates.
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